Hesslers Playing Cards

Four-Color Playing cards. Classic Bicycle design with new full color faces.

Four-Color Deck
Yellow Diamonds, Red Hearts, Blue Spades, and Green Clubs. Using four differently colored suits is often referred to as a No-Revoke deck because the four colors reduce the risk of accidentally playing the wrong suit (Revoking). Four-Color Decks are perfect for Texas Hold'em, Rummy, Hearts, Black Maria, Spades, and any game that traditionally uses multi colored suits such as Bridge no-revoke, Italian Machiavelli, and German Skat.

Manufactured by USPC
Made in the USA by the United States Playing Card Company using premium (Bee) paper. These cards were designed to be the best for playing card games and also beautiful for collectors. Fully custom cards keep the traditional look while improving details and color.

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